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WebEx Productivity Tool for Outlook 2013

Is there any release schedule for WebEx Productivity Tools that provide Outlook 2013 compatibility?


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Hi Michael-

For WebEx Meeting Center (+Event/Training/Support Centers), Productivity Tools will be fully certified against Win 8 (Desktop Mode only), IE10, and Office 2013 in our upcoming May ("T28.11") release

For WebEx Meetings, our next generation platform, this same set of platforms will also be supported in our May release, in this case 1.2 Service Pack 9.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Is it already available ?


Hi all

Productivity Tools for WebEx Meeting Center (+Event/Training/Support Centers) has supported OL 2013 in our upcoming release which will be released in these two month.

The current version of Productivity Tools for WebEx Meetings can work with Outlook2013 with limited exceptions. We're looking forward to fix all the issues in the release of next year early.

You mentioned that support for OL 2013 is "in our upcoming release which will be released in these two month".  Which two months?  I've downloaded and installed the Productivity Tool via Support/Downloads, but while it says it has installed, I see nothing in Outlook 2013 that indicates it's there.  Is it because I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro?  Or are there other issues I need to address?  Thanks!

Hi Susan

Please check the time stamp of my last post. That was in CY2013.

The version of Productivity Tools for Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 starts from WBS29.1; And the version for Win 8.1 and Outlook 2013 SP1 starts from WBS29.7 and WBS28.12.17. Please check your version of Productivity Tools.


This may be too simplistic an answer, so apologies if you've already checked this, ...

We find that when we install Productivity Tools successfully, then don't see them in the Outlook toolbar, it's typically because Outlook has disabled the PT's as an add-in. We also find that periodically the WebEx icons will simply 'disappear' from the Outlook toolbar.  In all cases, we've found that following these instructions to re-enable the PT add-in brings the icon back to the Outlook toolbar.  Here's the link to the instructions:

Maybe this will be helpful.

Have a great week -

Susan McEvilly

Meet Me In The Cloud, LLC

WebEx End-User Training and Adoption Services

I’ve tried to reinstall it and it keeps telling me my site name is invalid or not available (I’m logged into it). The PT add-in does not show up as even available.

Thanks for your help!

HI Susan –

We’ve had two customers see this same error in the past 2 months and WebEx Tech Support was able to help them resolve it in Super Admin.

They are at (866) 229-3239 and they answer the phone with a live person 24 hours per day for free.

That’d be my recommendation for you.

Susan McEvilly, CEO

Meet Me In The Cloud, LLC<>

925/406-4154 office

925/482-7692 mobile


Thanks - I'll give them a call!

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