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Webex SSL Certificate error for internal access

Support Albakom


we have following structure:

On CWMS 2.7 with an IRP.

Firefox Browser (Client Side) Version 50.

Domain is, internal and also external.

The Meetingsite are reachable through from external as internal also.

I sent a CSR for an external SSL Certificate to a CA and get the certificate. I installed it on the CWMS.

From now on I can access the public from external with the firefox browser, can login and set meetings without any question for certificate or something else. The padlock in firefox url row is very green.

For the internal SSL certificate I use the selfsigned by default installation. If I want access the from internal, I got a certificate warning by firefox. The problem is, that I cannot add an exception for this. There's no possibility to do this. Message say something like this: "This website uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) ..Therefore is not possible to add an exception." There is no button to add an exeption.

Is something wrong with the self-signed internal SSL certificate on CWMS?

With chrome or IE I can add the exception and access the meeting site url from internal also.

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Ellen Kennedy

Did you ever get to resolve this?  I am having the exact same issue right now.

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