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Weird security questions


My bank is doing some changes and I needed to talk to them about whether they will affect me.

I looked through their app, but couldn't find the answers I needed so I called them through the app. The representative asked me a few security questions before they could tell me (understandable and expected). These were things like number of accounts I have with them and main source of income. Easily answered and was told the info I needed. The issue I have with it tho, is that the answer to each was easily found in the app I used, so they didn't prove it was me, just that I had the app open and logged in which they already knew since I used it to make the call.

The bank has access to other information that is not visible in the app that could be used for security checks, so I don't feel like there was any point in asking the ones they did. Now I'm sitting here, feeling like the security isn't that great, and just wanted to tell someone. Any advice?

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Roger Kallberg
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Not sure what the relevance of this is with the intent of this community?

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Sergio Quezada

Hello Chris,

If you are concerned I would maybe reach out to NortonLifeLock. Perhaps their LifeLock tools would bring you some relief.


Sergio Quezada

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