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Cisco Employee

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Techaisle recently surveyed more than 1,200 small-to-medium and midmarket business leaders to uncover perspectives about video collaboration. Organizations use video in a variety of ways, including: marketing, customer service, and face-to-face meetings across locations.

Techaisle found that companies that have strong adoption of video collaboration grew 2X more than companies that don't.

Connecting via video is becoming an increasingly essential part of modern business. Video can improve both employee productivity and customer engagement, as well as accelerate innovation.

What does this mean for your business? That’s the topic of the next #CiscoChat, on Thursday, June 2nd at 10:30am PT (1:30pm ET). There, we’ll be joined by Anurag Agrawal (@AnuragTechaisle), the founder and CEO of Techaisle. Joining from Cisco is Angie Mistretta (@angiemistretta), director of Collaboration Solutions Marketing, and others from her team.

They’ll address issues including how improving collaboration technology is a key factor for fostering innovation, and the ways in which video collaboration can improve growth and productivity across an organization.

To participate in the chat:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
  • Search for the #CiscoChat hashtag and click on the Live tab.
  • @CiscoCollab,
  • For @ replies to specific participants in the discussion, please use a “.” at the beginning of the tweet, so that your question or comment will appear in the public twitter feed.
  • If you need multiple tweets to answer a question, please preface each tweet with “1A, 2A,” etc. to make it easier for others to follow the conversation.
  • Use the #CiscoChat hashtag at the end of each tweet, so that others can find your contributions to the discussion.

Don’t forget to bring your own questions to the discussion as well! See you there!

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