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Our beginner online classes are designed to help IT Admins plan, deploy, and manage their Webex Control Hub environment. Start off by learning what critical elements are needed to deploy Control Hub or move into Webex features that can be used to better streamline your environment into an easily manageable resource. Learn about the improved Meeting diagnostics capability in Control Hub in our analytics and reporting class. Join a class today to get you on your way to deploying and managing Control Hub.

Two-Part Configuring Series - Critical to Proper Deployment

Two-Part Optimizing Series – Features to Streamline your Environment

  • Control Hub Administration - Optimizing Your Environment Part 1 
    Join this session that will cover features such as Common Identity, the use of Directory Sync and Single Sign-On (SSO) to enhance your administrative and user experience and better streamline your environment into an easily managed resource.
  • Control Hub Administration - Optimizing Your Environment Part 2
    Learn why you need the latest version of Webex, supported lock-down versions, and introductions to Integrated Audio and the Video 2.0 solutions. Understand where these elements fit into your environment and how they assist in the scalability of your organization.

Analytics and Reporting

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