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Can there be Gaps in the Instance ID Values

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Created by: Michael Nelson on 24-10-2012 05:27:32 PM
We have noticed that there are sometimes gaps in the Instance ID values returned in the CDRs for a given Rendezvous Meeting. For instances, we see Instance ID of 0 and 1 then the next value is 4. We suspect that these gaps are due to an instance that never fully or properly getting started such that the instance value was assigned, but was never actually reported in a CDR. Can you confirm this behavior or should we never see these gaps.

Subject: RE: Can there be Gaps in the Instance ID Values
Replied by: John Yontz on 24-10-2012 06:21:40 PM
Hi Mike,
There should never be gaps in the instance ID values, according to our development team.  An instance begins with a valid call into the meeting, hence there should be at least one CDR record with each instance ID.  Is this for Release 1.1?  There is a possibility that this was a defect fixed in 1.2.  Is this easily reproduceable?
- John
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