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Developing an IVR kind of application using JTAPI


Subject: RE: Developing an IVR kind of application using JTAPI
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 27-07-2011 06:38:47 AM
PlayAudio() is not implemented in JTAPI. Currently there is no API to play an audio file into a call, however you can use AgentGreeting to bridge a media stream into the call. Please check AgentGreeting feature in 8.x JTAPI Developer guide for more details.
For detecting DTMF Digits, you can rely on event: MediaTermConnDtmfEv which is sent when dtmf digit is sent. You can invoke getDtmfDigit() to get the sent digit.
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Created by: Umesh Chaurasia on 27-07-2011 06:09:10 AM
I have gone through forum but not got any clear information for playing audio file and gethering digit from called party.
I can see media package class which supports playaudio API.
We have already tested call and conference application on JTAPI.
Can anyone please confirm about this.?

Subject: RE: Developing an IVR kind of application using JTAPI
Replied by: Tanner Ezell on 06-08-2011 10:34:58 AM
As already stated Cisco's JTAPI implementation does not include any multimedia capabilities. Depending on the platforms you're developing for you may find it suitable to use the Java Media Framework (JMF). JMF however is old slow and has many limitations such as being 32-bit only.

If your application is advanced enough you'll have to write (or find) your own RTP library and Audio Coder/Decoder library for the codecs you'd like to support or stick with JMF and its limitations.
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