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How to set Default Screens

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Created by: Michael Nelson on 30-07-2012 02:25:36 PM
There used to be an “advanced parameters” tab on the bottom of the left pane, where we could set the “default screens”. But with 1.1 we don’t see that tab,  we want to basically set default screens to 1. Can you help us know where to set the default screens on CTX admin UI?

Subject: RE: How to set Default Screens
Replied by: John Yontz on 30-07-2012 02:45:01 PM
Hi Mike,

That setting has been moved to the Global Configuration page, which is found under the System tab on the left in the CTX Admin.  The parameter is called "MeetMe Default Screens".

- John

Subject: RE: How to set Default Screens
Replied by: Michael Nelson on 30-07-2012 05:15:39 PM
We set the Meetme Default Screens to 1. After that we are not able to provision 3 screen endpoints. I have attached a screen shot of the error we are getting.
The following is our understanding of how it is supposed to work now with the following 2 parameters in CTX 1.1:
1) Meetme Default Screens – configurable by the Admin in the GUI
2) Meetme Max Screens – hidden from the GUI, supposed to be the one that limits what you can provision.
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