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Remote destination profiles

This document was generated from CDN thread

Created by: Christian Ejlertsen on 23-04-2013 08:03:54 AM
Has anyone done anything with remote destination profiles as in, bringing back the call to the physical device, when the call is on the remote destination that is assigned to the device.
If it is at all possible, i'm having a hard time finding the documentation on it.
Hopefully someone has the yes and no answer for me

Subject: RE: Remote destination profiles
Replied by: Abhishek Malhotra on 16-05-2013 08:24:34 PM
What do you mean by remote destination profiles? Are you using EM cross cluster?
Can you explain a bit more on what you really want to achieve?

Subject: RE: Remote destination profiles
Replied by: Christian Ejlertsen on 17-05-2013 03:25:15 AM
Nothing to do with Extension mobility.
It's mobility, cisco's implementation og single numebr reach. So what i write is what i want : )
However there seems to  no event thrown at all when a call from a remote destination is returned to the phone. So apart from looping command and wait for the success then as of now there is no answer in jtapi.
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