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Subdialog Invoke usage to invoke a Direct VXML application using JSP

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Created by: santosh dandey on 11-09-2012 10:31:55 AM
We are in the processing of creating a proof of concept on using CVP Call Studio's Subdialog Invoke to call an VXML application developed using J2EE and jSP's.  After reading through the Element Specification documentation, I figured out that we can use sub-dialog invoke to call the VXML application.  But, I'm not sure on how to get the date returned back to the calling Subdialog-Invoke element.
For e.g. We have CallStudio Application StudioApp deployed in VXMLServer.  Another applicaiton DirectVXMLApp is deployed in the same VXML Server as a WAR File with AccountInfomation.jsp as one of the pages.
Our requirement is that to use subdialog-invoke (from CallStudio Application) to call the http://hostname:port/DirectVXMLApp/AccountInformation.jsp.  The AccountInformation.jsp asks the caller to enter for an Account Number and validates the caller and return back to the CallStudio with the return variable "returnCode".  
So, how can I get the "returnCode" variable from DirectVXMLApp returned to the Subdialog-Invoke element in StudioApp?  Is that possible?  Please provide your advise.

Subject: Re: New Message from santosh dandey in Customer Voice Portal (CVP) - Genera
Replied by: Janine Graves on 11-09-2012 03:37:11 PM
Hi Santosh, In your subdialog application just return a space-separated list of variables in the namelist attribute of the return statement example, <return namelist="returnCode"/> In the Studio app, modify the Settings tab of the SubdialogInvoke element, to  specify the name of each variable being returned (one variable on each line) ReturnValue: returnCode Then the returnCode will be stored as element data for the SubdialogInvoke element {Data.Element.Subdialog_Invoke_01}.returnCode}

Do we have any limitation for the amount of data which CVP sends to an external VXML page and the data received from an external source. Can someone please comment on this.

Rising star

If you pass data in the URL string, then VXMLServer's Tomcat server.xml

file has a limit maxHttpHeaderSize="8192"

And cisco uses some of that space for the guid and other things-so you

have less space than this.

I don't believe there's a limit if you send data as VXML Parameters by

configuring the repeatable setting named Parameter in the Subdialog

Invoke app- as that is passed in the vxml page, not in the header.


Thanks Janine, let me simulate this and come back.

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