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Tapi Version

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Created by: Abdul Rasheed on 25-09-2009 04:03:56 PM
        i am very new TAPI.  i am trying to develop an application which will do the recording using build in bridge, sip trunk method. when i try to initiate recording using linedevspecific method with
CCiscoLineDevSpecificStartCallRecording i am not getting proper response from TSP, and no SIP initialization is happening at recorder application. My TAPI version used are as given below.
#define TAPI_CURRENT_VERSION 0x00020001
#define EARLY_TAPI_VERSION 0x00010003
lineNegotiateAPIVersion (hLineApp, dwLoopID, EARLY_TAPI_VERSION,
                                               TAPI_CURRENT_VERSION, &dwAPIVersion, &ExtensionID);
Should i change it?  i dont know the latest version number. I request somebody to Please advice me on this issue.
Thanks and Regards
Abdul Rasheed

Subject: RE: Tapi Version
Replied by: Abdul Rasheed on 30-09-2009 01:36:23 PM
        It will be great if somebody can help me on this. I am trying to solve this for last 2 days. Following is my code
  lRet= lineNegotiateExtVersion(hLineApp,dwDeviceID,TAPI_CURRENT_VERSION,0x00000000,0x00080000,&extensionVersion);
                cout << " Call DISCONNECTED.  Hanging up." << endl;

                    CCiscoLineDevSpecificStopCallRecording lineDevSpecStopRecording;

                    long lRet1= lineDevSpecific(hLine, 0, hCall, lineDevSpecStopRecording.lpParams(), lineDevSpecStopRecording.dwSize());

                    if (lRet < 0)
                        cout << "Failed\n";
Thanks and Regards

Subject: RE: Tapi Version
Replied by: David Staudt on 30-09-2009 02:10:35 PM
API version should always be 0x00020001.  For recording, the Ext version should be at least 0x00080000.  I think you are OK there.
What is the nature of the problem?  What function is failing, with what error?
Note only later-model IP phones support built-in-bridge recording, i.e. 7970/7941/7961, etc.
You may need to attach detailed TSP trace logs.

Subject: RE: Tapi Version
Replied by: Abdul Rasheed on 30-09-2009 06:06:07 PM
Hi David,
               Yes API version is set as 0x00020001. Extension version is negotiated as 0x00080000 using lineNegotiateExtVersion. When i was testing before, i made a mistake , by hardcoding another value for extension version  in Lineopen instead of the negotiated value 0x00080000. I changed it and tested. Now  i call LineDevSpecific when i get LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED event message as given below.
CCiscoLineDevSpecificStartCallRecording lineDevSpecRecording;
                    lineDevSpecRecording.m_ToneDirection =(PlayToneDirection)PlayToneDirection_NoLocalOrRemote;

                    long lRet= lineDevSpecific(hLine,0, hCall, lineDevSpecRecording.lpParams(), lineDevSpecRecording.dwSize());
it is returning a value hCall -1 . But after that i am not getting SLDSMT_RECORDING_STARTED message in LINE_DEVSPECIFIC event. Also the recording call is not initiated through SIP trunk by CUCM.  i tried configuring the device extension as Automatic recording , it is working fine and is intiating a call to the recorder device using SIP INVITE.
i am using IP communicator 7.x for testing , BIB is enabled. please find the attached log with this ticket.
Thanks and Regards
Abdul Rasheed

Subject: RE: Tapi Version
Replied by: Abdul Rasheed on 05-10-2009 04:18:59 PM
Hi David,
                The issue seems to be solved. The issue was that,  For the application user  I forget to give user permissions like
¿Standard CTI
Allow Call Monitoring" and "Standard CTI Allow Call Recording¿  .   Does CUCM resend the SIP INVITE, 3 or 4 times if the 200 OK response packet is not sent from recorder application?
Thanks and Regards
Abdul Rasheed

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