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Core Issue

When the incoming call comes into the B-ACD application, the caller is able to hear the welcome prompt and hunt the ephone hunt group. However, if the "All agents are busy" message is played, the call drops off, and the Music on Hold (MoH) is never played for the caller.

In the debug voip application error command output, this message is seen:

Mar 8 02:59:51: TCL script failure Result: Play Failed Mar 8 02:59:51: TCL script failure error
Info: Play Failed while executing "media play leg_incoming moh:livemoh" (procedure "act_EvMediaDone" line 19)    invoked from within "act_EvMediaDone"

This problem is seen in 12.4 (4) XC and 12.4 (4th)T images.


This problem is documented in DDTS CSCsd14203 - MoH play using media play verb doesn't work.

These are the two workarounds for this issue:

  1. Configure live MoH. Even if there is not a live-feed source, the script will failover to the MoH file in Flash.

    This example has an ephone-dn config for a "dummy" MoH live feed:

    ephone-dn 20
    moh out-call BCDA

    dial-peer voice 7 pots
    destination-pattern BCDA

  2. Downgrade to Cisco CallManager Express 3.4 or CallManager Express 3.3, and Cisco IOS 12.4T or 12.4.

To resolve this issue, upgrade Cisco IOS to 12.4(4)XC2, which contains a bug fix for Cisco CallManager Express 4.0.

For more information, refer to the Configuring Music on Hold from a Live Feed section of Configuring Music on Hold

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