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Core Issue

After the Cisco Unified Video Advantage (CUVA) 2.0.2 successfully installs on a Microsoft Windows XP PC and the IP phone 7970 is connected to the PC, the camera continually reports that it can not connect to the phone.The output from the Problem Reporting Tool contains this error message:10:49:12 1 CCastClient::OnConnect: IP Phone: Connect to Phone failed with Error-Code 00010060 10:49:12 2 CCastClient::CloseCastConnection: IP Phone: Closing CAST Connection


The 00010060 Transport Control Protocol (TCP) connection error typically means that the connection times out. The Connect to Phone failed with Error-Code 00010060 in the error means that CUVA can not establish a CAST connection to the phone.

In order to resolve this issue, make sure that no AV or firewall blocks TCP port 4224. In order to do this, telnet to the phone with the
telnet 4224 port.

In addition, an upgrade of the phone firmware resolves this issue in some cases, if the Cisco CallManager version is 4.x.

This issue is also caused by dual network interface card (NIC) or dual IP address assignment. Make sure that there is only one NIC, and disable all other NICS if applicable, in order to make sure that nothing can prevent the establishment of the CAST connection.

Lastly, if there are two IPs in different subnets on the same NIC on the PC where the camera is installed, remove one IP in order to avoid any IP conflicts.

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