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Core Issue

Tomcat service stops to run after a certain period.  The application log shows that the tomcat service tries to bind to port 8080 and fails with the port already in use error message.

The netstat -nr command shows port 8080 is in use.

In order to find out which application uses port 8080, you can use applications like tcpview. TCP View shows the process miniwinagent.exe listens to port 8080. miniwinagent.exe is an IBM Server RAID management software.


As a workaround, you can manually change the tomcat service to listen to port 8081, instead of 8080 which is the default port on which Cisco Personal Assistant works. PCA ideally works fine now.

You can also disable the Server management service until required to run the RAID array management software.

Refer to the Port 80 Is Blocked in One or More Routers Between Your Local Browser and the Cisco Unified CallManager Server section of Cisco Unified CallManager System Issues for more information.

Steps to change the port number:

1. In a text editor, edit: \conf\server.xml"

2. Change the port number "8080" in the <Connector ... /> to "8081"

3. Save the changes and reboot the server for the changes to take effect.

This document applies to Unity 4.x

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