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Created by: John Blowers on 25-01-2011 04:53:47 PM
We've installed 6 MXP 3000 codecs for a client over the past 6 months. 2 were installed 6 months ago and 4 were installed 3 months ago. All of the MXP's are having issues with controlling the connected cameras via the imbeded web interace on the codec.

Every location has multiple cameras, so we've had to use the TVS for every install. Also the camera's being controlled are not Tandberg, they are Vaddio. The first 2 installs were Vaddio HD1's and the last 4 installs were Vaddio HD18's.

All the systems are being controlled via Crestron controllers. And, after working with Vaddio on the HD-18's we now have all 6 installs working with control via the Tandberg, with FECC functioning properly.

From reading the forums it sounds like the web interface control of the cameras is a new feature set. Does our issue have anything to do with either the TVS or non-Tandberg cameras? Is there a patch or update that would help with this issue?

Any thoughts on this subject would be appreciate, as we are proposing more of these installs for this client in the near future, and we would like to have this issue resolved prior to installing the next systems.
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