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Cisco MCS 7845-H2

Processor Specifications:

Maximum processors = 2

Processors installed = 2

Basic input/output system (BIOS) type = Flash

Memory Specifications:

Memory maximum = 32 GB

Memory bus clock = 667 MHz

Memory technology = PC2-5300 667-MHz DDR2 synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) Fully Buffered DIMMs

Multibit error mitigation = Advanced Error Checking and Correcting (AECC)

Total RAM slots = 8

RAID Controller Specifications:

Controller model = HP Smart Array P400 Controller

Interface = PCI Express

Cache = 256 MB

Battery-backed write cache = Yes

RAID levels supported = 1

Hard Disk Specifications:

Hot-swappable bays = 8

Hard disk interface type = SAS

Hard disk revolutions per minute (rpm) = 10,000

Hard disk average seek time = 4 ms

Data-transfer rate = 300 MB per second

Network Interface Specifications:

Ethernet network interface card (NIC) = Dual onboard 10/100/1000

Ethernet connectors = Two RJ-45 connectors on back of server

10BASE-T cable support = EIA Category 3, 4, or 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) (2 or 4 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

100BASE-TX cable support = EIA Category 5 UTP (2 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

1000BASE-T cable support = EIA Category 6 UTP (recommended), 5E UTP, 5 UTP (2 pair) up to 328 ft (100m)

Interface Port Specifications:

Serial ports = 1

Parallel ports = 0

USB 2.0 ports = 5 (2 front, 2 back, and 1 inside)

Keyboard ports = 1 PS/2

Mouse ports = 1 PS/2

Audio ports = None

System management ports = RJ-45 for HP iLO 2 dedicated Ethernet ports

Video Graphics Array (VGA) ports = 1 front and 1 back

Security capabilities of the Cisco MCS 7845-H2 follow:

•    Power-on password

•    Keyboard password

•    Selectable boot device

•    Diskette drive control

•    QuickLock, network server mode

•    Serial interface control

•    Administrator’s password

•    Disk configuration lock

The Cisco MCS 7845-H2 complies with the following standards:

1.    Advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) 2.0 compliant

2.    PCI 2.2 compliant

3.    Wake-on-LAN (WoL) support

4.    Microsoft Logo certifications

5.    USB 2.0 support

Product Overview:

High-availability server platform for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions.

Complete, scalable architecture for a new generation of high-quality IP voice solutions that run on enterprise data networks.

Easy to deploy and highly cost-effective.

Delivers the high performance and availability

At only 2 rack units (2RUs) high, the Cisco MCS 7845-H2 packs tremendous power in a low-profile chassis that minimizes rack space.

Applications Supported:

The Cisco MCS 7845-H2 can run any of the following Cisco applications:

1.    Cisco Unified Application Environment

2.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager: Up to 7,500 Cisco Unified IP Phones per server

3.    Cisco Emergency Responder; Up to 30,000 Cisco Unified IP Phones per server

4.    Cisco Unified Presence

5.    Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise

6.    Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Hosted

7.    Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

8.    Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted

9.    Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

10.    Cisco Unified Expert Advisor

11.    Cisco IPICS

12.    Cisco Unified IP IVR

13.    Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal

14.    Cisco Unified MeetingPlace conferencing

15.    Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

16.    Cisco Unity unified messaging

Benefits & Key Features:

Performance & High Availability:

highly available server platform

It uses a Smart Array P400 Controller with 256-MB cache to provide onboard redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) support.

At product introduction, the Cisco MCS 7845-H2 will ship with two Intel Xeon 2.33-GHz processors.

Redundant hot-swap power supplies

Redundant hot-swap fans

Hot-swap SAS hard drives configured using RAID 1


  • System Health LEDs:
  • The Cisco MCS 7845-H2 provides system health LEDs and unit identification lights on the front and back of the server to make pinpointing system problems easier than ever.
  • When an internal component fails, this indication is made on an internal component LED (amber) and on the front panel of the Cisco MCS  7845-H2.
  • If the item is serviceable without removing the server hood, as in the case of a redundant power supply, the external health LED illuminates.
  • If the item is serviceable by removing the hood, as in the case of a fan failure, the internal health LED illuminates.
  • If no failures have occurred, the system health LEDs are green.
  • If a failure has occurred but a redundant feature has enabled the system to continue running, the LED is amber.
  • If the failure is critical and has caused the system to shut down, the LED is red.

Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2):

The Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2) standard is included on the motherboard. Combining essential

management functions and diagnostics with basic lights-out functions as standard components of

the server, iLO 2 is available at no charge.

DAT Tape Support:

The Cisco MCS 7845-H2 can support an optional 36/72-GB universal-serial-bus (USB) external

Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drive or an optional USB rack-mount DAT drive. This tape drive connects

through one of the 4 USB 2.0 ports provided by the Cisco MCS-7845-H2. The external DAT drive

is orderable using part number DAT-USB-EXT-72=, and the rack-mounted 36/72-GB DAT drive is

orderable using part number DAT-USB-RM-72=.

Warranty Information:

Cisco offers a 1-year limited hardware warranty on Cisco Media Convergence Servers.

For more Information, about CISCO 7800 MCS Servers:

Follow the Link:>


Cisco MCS 7845-H2 (DATA SHEET)


Mohit Grover


Hi all. can I install 2  different aplications on the same MCS?

Terry Cheema
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

No - Cisco MCS server do not support virtualization. You can only have one app per MCS server.

The UCS servers support virtualization and you can load ESXi and then have multiple applications hosted as  guest VMs.


Please rate all helpful posts


Thanks alot

Firas Nimry
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Actually yes you can, enter the bios settings by pressing F9 -- > Advanced Options-- > Processor Options

and enable both :

No-Execute Memory Protection

Intel Virtualization Technology.

and then you can install ESXi on it.


i have lots of leftover MCS servers 7845/25/16 running ESXi 4 through 6 without any issues.

Hope this can help.


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