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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

For overview of Cisco CMS solution, please check first here: Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) - overview and useful info/resources


The best way to order Cisco CMS licenses is via CUWL Meetings user licenses.

CUWL Meetings is a CUCM (Communications Manager) user license that offers :

a) user entitlement for multiple CUCM devices (IPPhones and Jabber clients) (similar to CUWL Standard)

  For example, a CUWL Meetings user could have IPPhone and Jabber on windows laptop and Jabber on android smartphone.

b) PMP+ licenses that are used by CMS and offer user the ability to host Video Meetings on CMS.

  User can have adhoc/scheduled or personal/always-on Meetings on CMS.

First time you order CUWL Meetings, minimum quantity is 25 users and it provides on top of above

UCM and PMP+ licenses:

c) 6 RMS (Rich Media Licenses) for secure B2B solution (consumed by Expressway-E).

   These allow 6 concurrent video calls from Internet over ExpresswayC/E solution.

d) TMS Scheduling application licenses and licenses for Exchange integration.

Note that:

e) S4B/Lync interop does not need a seperate license on CMS.

    S4B/Lync clients that come from internet will consume RMS lics like rest of B2B users.

f) WebRTC browser-based participants do not require any special license on CMS

    and do NOT consume RMS lics on ExpresswayC/E solution.

In summary:

if you order 25 CUWL Meetings users or upgrade 25 of your CUCM users to CUWL Meetings,

then you get all you need to start offering advanced and feature-rich Video services to your users.

Question: Ok, what are other options do I have?


- you could add CMS Recorder for Video recording.

  CMS Recorder requires a seperate VMWARE instance than CMS Video MCU.

- you could order more CUWL Meetings to get more PMP+ licenses.

- If PMP+ type of licenses do not cover all your needs, you could add some SMP+ licenses.


CMS HW options - where does CMS run?

CMS can run on Cisco or 3rd-party servers that satisfy server and VMWARE requirements.

Cisco servers can be BE6K or BE7K or Cisco UCS servers or CMS dedicated appliances (CMS1000 or CMS2000).

CMS1000 supports 96 HD calls or 192 SD calls.

Minimum CMS deployment requires 4vCPUs and offers 5 HD ports or 10 SD ports.

Rule is : 1 vCPU supports 1,25 HD port.

For example : 8vCPUs would support 8x1,25=10 HD ports or 20 SD ports.


it is very easy and cost effective to start with a small CMS deployment and add capacity later (no need to buy licenses for this).

Remember only number of meetings is licensed (PMP+ or SMP+) - not number of participants.



Find attached some sample boms that offer Cisco CMS solution:

1) Customer that has CUCM and upgrades 25 users to 25 CUWL Meetings to get CMS and other good stuff we talked above.

     We assume that this customer will upgrade 10 CUWL Standard, 10 Enh Plus and 5 Enh existings users (total 25) to CUWL Meetings.

     Off course, any other combination of existing CUCM licenses could work.

2) Customer that does not have CUCM today and order a BE6K solution with CUWL Meetings Starter bundle to get Video services.

     BE6K CUWL Meetings starter bundle offers 35 CUWL Meetings meaning 35 users will be able to host Video meetings on CMS

     and also these users could have multiple Jabber video clients (windows,mac,android,ipad,iphone).

Note on boms:

1) TMS requires a Windows server license that does not come from Cisco partnumbers. Customer or partner should provide this.

2) LDAP AD integration is recommended for implementing Multiparty conferencing.

     If AD is not there, it can still work but with some limitations.

3) Third attachment shows HW options.

     First option includes example of CMS runing on BE6K Medium density server together with other applications.

     Second option includes examples of CMS running in BE6K High density server together with other applications.

     Third option is a CMS 1000 appliance offering 96 HD video calls.


hope this helps

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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.


For HA CMS would be just duplicate the HW option chosen? Any limitations or restrictions?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


CMS licenses are shared across CMS cluster. You need to buy one set of CMS licenses per cluster.

More details can be found in CMS Deployment guide:

Cisco Meeting Server 2.2, Scalability and Resilience Deployment Guide

CMS cluster.PNG

for more specific details and technical discussion, please coordinate with your Cisco Account team

hope this helps



     Cisco Meeting Server Ordering Guide is available on:

as Collaboration Ordering Guide link is not working:

And Don't forget to include additional R-CMS-k9 to generate Software PAK key for addational VMs like CMS-Edge or CMS-DB


Mamdouh Sharaf

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