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Brett Hanson

Hi all,

UCCX System version:
CUCM System version:
Supervisor Desktop 8.0(2) Premium Version Build

Today our DC suffered a complete power outage which ended in a  unexpected power cycle of our UCCX box (and our CUCM  and Unity too).

Anyway, now when we go into Supervisor Desktop, we can see all the  agents, etc., can use as normal, but for some reason our graphs don't  show anymore.

We have setup a graph in there - was setup as follows:
Cisco Supervisor Desktop > Login > Tools > Supervisor Work Flow  Administrator > Add > random_name_for_graph > Moved across the  skill groups > OK > Events = Queue Statistic, Thresholds = Above,  clicked 'Add' on Actions (of Threshholds) > Tree Control Action  > OK > Checked 'Display Test' and selected Warning, Checked  'Change Text Color' and set to Red using 'Set Color' button > OK  > Checked 'Calls Waiting' > set Lower limit to 1 > Set Upper  limit to 100 > left 'Current Oldest' unchecked > OK > OK

View > Preferences > Selected Voice under Contact Service  Queues > Clicked the ... next to 'Graphical displays' and then  checked 'Current Oldest'.

Before the outage, there was a window 'Voice CSQs - Current Oldest'  which had a graph (refreshed every 5 seconds) which showed calls in the  queue.

Now, after the outage, the window is still there - but has 'No Data Available' in there.

I deleted the 'Supervisor Workflow' and recreated a new one, same issue.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what causes it? I suspect a service needs restarting, but which?



Troubleshooting and SOLUTION as follows:

Restarted the "Cisco Desktop Recording and Statistics Service" from CCX Serviceability > tested, no change. Stats and graphs were still NOT working.

Logged into 'Cisco Desktop Administrator' > clicked 'Services Configuration' > 'Enterprise Data' > 'Fields' >

It returned a 'cant connect to Enterprise Service' error or some sort (missed the error code unfortunately).

Went back to 'CCX Serviceability', the 'Cisco Desktop Enterprise Service' showed 'IN SERVICE'. Strange.

Thought, what the heck, and restarted 'Cisco Desktop Enterprise Service' (which did NOT result in an outage for CAD either - we do have HA, but the SDA's didn't report a single drop out or anything).

Stats and graphs have now returned! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Also SDA's report that they can now see incoming calls etc. again. SDA's report that they were unaffected by any of the service restarts.
My graphs have returned and now display as expected.


This document was generated from the following thread: Cisco Supervisor Desktop 'no data available' in Graphical Display window after unplanned outage. Help plz

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