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Greeshma Bernad
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    The  CTI CSTA(Computer-Supported Telephony Application) Protocol Suite in  Cisco Unified CME 8.0 and later versions provides third-party  call-control capabilities for computer-based CSTA client applications,  such as a Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) client through Microsoft  Office Communications Server (OCS) and applications created using the  Cisco Unified CME CTI SDK, and enables click-to-dial from the  application. The CTI CSTA Protocol Suite in Cisco Unified CME 8.8 and  later versions enables the dial-via-office functionality from the  application.


    This document discusses how to configure  CUCME to work with the CTI CSTA Client application.


    Configuration  Steps


    Perform these steps to configure the  interoperability between CUCME and the CTI CSTA client application


    1.  Make sure that you have the correct CUCME version which is supported to  work with the CTI CSTA client application. CTI CSTA will work only with  Cisco Unified CME 8.0 or a later version, and so make sure that Cisco  Unified CME 8.0 or a later version is installed and configured on your  router.


    2. If you are using a Non- MOC client,  Configure the CME router with the AXL username for CSTA client  application access. Refer your application documentation to see if your  application needs the AXL username to be configured. For an MOC  client, the AXN username and password are not required.


    3.  Enable the CTI CSTA on the CME router. The following shows a sample  configuration that needs to be done on the CUCME router for the  interoperablility with the CSTA MOC client application. For more  information on the additional commands required to configure a Non MOC  client, refer Enabling CTI CSTA in  Cisco Unified CME .



    voice  service voip


    allow-connections  sip to sip


    no  supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily


    no supplementary-service sip refer


    no  cti shutdown


    cti csta mode basic



    4.  Configure a directory number or an IP phone for CTI CSTA operations,  perform the following steps for each number or phone to be monitored and  controlled by the CSTA client application.  For more information on the  additional optional commands, refer to Configuring a Number or  Device for CTI CSTA Operations .



    ephone-dn   1


    number <123>


    cti watch



    5. You need to  install your CSTA client application and configure the same  for CUCME,  including SIP URI of CTI gateway front-end or client application.


    Related Information


    For  more detailed information, refer the document Configuring the CTI CSTA Protocol Suite.

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