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Amit Sharma
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Why convert a packet capture to wav file ?

  • We all know how useful a packet capture could be while troubleshooting. While troubleshooting issues related to voice quality, one way audio and many more require us(TAC) to collect packet capture(sniffer) and then convert it to a wave file so that we could listen to it.


Software Required

  • Cisco Unity(Any version)
  • Wireshark or ethereal or any packet capture tool



  • Using wireshark/ethereal collect a packet capture.
  • Open the sniffer trace and then save it as .cap file.
  • Select "Network Associate 2.0(x) version" as the save type.
    1. Go to any Unity Server
    2. Go to \Commserver\Utilities\Audio and you will see "capripper.exe" tool
    3. Put the .cap file in that folder.
    4. Open up command prompt and browse to the \Commserver\Utilities folder
    5. Then issue the command "capripper "filename.cap"
    6. That should generate a .wav file
    7. The wave files would be located in \CommServer\Utilities\Audio folder.

Note:- There's a possibility that the codec used for RTP exchange was g729. A normal windows media player won't be able to play this file. I've tried a couple of players - VLC, Real, QuickTime and a couple of others, however all fail to play the file.


How to Play wave files which have a codec g729 ?

  • Copy this executable (sl_g729a_setup.exe) from Cisco Unity to your PC

Location -> \CommServer\Utilities


  • Run the executable and reboot PC, now Media Player can be used to play these files.

where can I get the sl_g729a_setup.exe?????

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