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Paula Talamo
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This article was created as a cross reference for verifying midlet, codec and Touch 12 files. If you see errors, please add a comment so we can investigate. For questions regarding upgrading or installing CTS/TX endpoints, please post your question in the TelePresence Discussion area. You can always link to this document if you would like to reference it.

This table is intended to map CTS/TX endpoint software versions to their corresponding IP Phone midlet and Touch 12 files for CUCM. The download area on is your main reference and this is meant as a cross reference. This is also intended to correctly display the filenames as the dashes and dots in the midlet names varied over time and the midlet service requires the exact name of the .jad file that is loaded on the TFTP directory; however, the filenames on the TFTP directory of CUCM are your main confirmation.

Note: Both midlet files (.jad and .jar) for systems using the IP Phone are contained in the COP file starting with the 1.8.3 & 1.9.1 releases and need to be uploaded separately for all previous versions. If a midlet file is not specified on, the codec is using the midlet version of the next version down where it is specified. This table is intended to help you confirm that match.

  1. A first step to troubleshooting is to ensure the appropriate files are loaded on the CUCM(s) tftp directory under the OS Administration page [ > Software Upgrades > TFTP File Management > use search choices to confirm the files are uploaded (case sensitive when searching)].
  2. The second important thing to remember is that the TFTP service must be restarted when new files have been uploaded.

Software Release

CTS Series Endpoints (P1)

CTS500-37, CTS1000, CTS1100, CTS1300-65, CTS3000, CTS3010, CTS3200, CTS3210

Filenames on CUCM TFTP

COP File

(contains Codec, midlets, and Touch files) see Note: above

Codec Firmware

IP PhoneMidlets

(.jar & .jad)

Touch 12 file

CTS 1.10.1(43)cmterm-CTS.1-10-1-43R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-10-1-43R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.10.0-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-10-1-43R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.10.0(259)cmterm-CTS.1-10-0-259R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-10-0-259R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.10.0-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-10-0-259R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.6(2)cmterm-CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.5(7)cmterm-CTS.1-9-5-7R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-5-7R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-5-7R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.4(19)cmterm-CTS.1-9-4-19R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-4-19R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-4-19R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.3(44)cmterm-CTS.1-9-3-44R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-3-44R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-3-44R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.2(19)cmterm-CTS.1-9-2-19R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-2-19R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-2-19R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.1(68)cmterm-CTS.1-9-1-68R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-1-68R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-1-68R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.0(46)cmterm-CTS.1-9-0-46R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-0-46R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.9.0-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-9-0-46R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.5(4)cmterm-CTS.1-8-5-4R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-5-4R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.2-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-8-5-4R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.4(13)cmterm-CTS.1-8-4-13R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-4-13R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.2-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-8-4-13R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.3(4)cmterm-CTS.1-8-3-4R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-3-4R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.2-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-8-3-4R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.2(11)cmterm-CTS.1-8-2-11R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-2-11R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.2-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-8-2-11R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.1(34)cmterm-CTS.1-8-1-34R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-1-34R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.1-P1-1SCTSDEV.1-8-1-34R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.0(55)cmterm-CTS.1-8-0-55R-K9.P1.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-0-55R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.8.0-P1-2SCTSDEV.1-8-0-55R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.7.6(4)N/ACTS.1-7-6-4R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.7.4-P1-2SN/A
CTS 1.7.5(42)N/ACTS.1-7-5-42R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.7.4-P1-2SN/A
CTS 1.7.4(270)N/ACTS.1-7-4-270R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.7.4-P1-2SN/A
CTS 1.7.2.(4937)N/ACTS.1-7-2-4937R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM-1.7.2-P1-1SN/A
CTS 1.7.1(4864)N/ACTS.1-7-1-4864R-K9.P1.sbnTSPM.1-7-1-6SN/A
CTS 1.6.8(4222)N/ASIPTS.1-6-8-4222R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-5-0SN/A
CTS 1.6.7(4212)N/ASIPTS.1-6-7-4212R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-5-0SN/A
CTS 1.6.6(4109)N/ASIPTS.1-6-6-4109R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-5-0SN/A
CTS 1.6.5(4097)N/ASIPTS.1-6-5-4097R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-5-0SN/A
CTS 1.6.4(4072)N/ASIPTS.1-6-4-4072R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-1-0SN/A
CTS 1.6.3(4042)N/ASIPTS.1-6-3-4042R-K9.sbnTSPM.1-6-1-0SN/A

Software Release

TX Series Endpoints (P2)

CTS500-32, TX1300-47(aka CTS1300-47), TX1310-65, TX9000, TX9200

Filenames on CUCM TFTP

COP file

(contains Codec, midlets, and Touch files) see note: above

Codec Firmware

IP Phone Midlets

(.jar & .jad)

Touch 12 File

CTS TX6.0.2(28)

cmterm-CTS.6-0-2-28R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.6-0-2-28R-K9.P2.SPN/A - SW only works with Touch 12CTSDEV.6-0-2-28R-K9.P1.SPA

CTS TX6.0.1(50)

cmterm-CTS.6-0-1-50R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.6-0-1-50R-K9.P2.SPN/A - SW only works with Touch 12CTSDEV.6-0-1-50R-K9.P1.SPA

CTS TX6.0.0.1(4) *****

TX9x00 must be minimum 1.9.3

to upgrade to TX6.0

cmterm-CTS.6-0-0-1-4R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.6-0-0-1-4R-K9.P2.SPN/A - SW only works with Touch 12CTSDEV.6-0-0-1-4R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.6(2)cmterm-CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.5(7)cmterm-CTS.1-9-5-7R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-5-7R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-5-7R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.4(19)cmterm-CTS.1-9-4-19R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-4-19R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-4-19R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.3(44)cmterm-CTS.1-9-3-44R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-3-44R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-3-44R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.2(19)cmterm-CTS.1-9-2-19R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-2-19R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-2-19R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.1(68)cmterm-CTS.1-9-1-68R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-1-68R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-1-68R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS ****cmterm-CTS.1-9-0-1-3R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-0-1-3R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.0-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-0-1-3R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.9.0(46) ***cmterm-CTS.1-9-0-46R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-9-0-46R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.9.0-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-9-0-46R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.5(4)cmterm-CTS.1-8-5-4R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-5-4R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.2-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-8-5-4R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.4(13)cmterm-CTS.1-8-4-13R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-4-13R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.2-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-8-4-13R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.3(4)cmterm-CTS.1-8-3-4R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-3-4R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.2-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-8-3-4R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.2(11)cmterm-CTS.1-8-2-11R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-2-11R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.2-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-8-2-11R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.1(34)cmterm-CTS.1-8-1-34R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-1-34R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.1-P2-1SCTSDEV.1-8-1-34R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.8.0(55) **cmterm-CTS.1-8-0-55R-K9.P2.cop.sgnCTS.1-8-0-55R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.8.0-P2-2SCTSDEV.1-8-0-55R-K9.P1.SPA
CTS 1.7.4(271)N/ACTS.1.7.4-271R-K9.P2.SPATSPM-1.7.4-P2-2SN/A




* Minimum software for CTS500-32

** Minimum software for TX1300-47(aka CTS1300-47)

*** Minimum software for TX9000 / TX9200

**** Minimum software for TX1310-65

***** SW only works on TX Series and requires Touch 12. TX9000/TX9200 requires 1.9.3 minimum for upgrade.

Touch 12 support started in 1.8.0

Things to Remember

  • The COP file format of firmware distribution was introduced with 1.8.0. Before that, codec and midlet files were always uploaded individually.
  • Systems running less than CTS 1.7.4 software and upgrading to 1.8.0 or higher using the COP file must follow this procedure in order to transition: Upgrading Systems That are Running CTS Versions Prior to 1.7.4.
  • When entering the codec firmware in the Phone Load area of CUCM, pay careful attention to whether you are using the P1 (CTS Series) or P2 (TX Series) filename. No file extension (.sbn or .SPA) is needed if firmware was loaded using the COP file and should definitely not be added if the Touch 12 is the interface device (because .loads file will tell the codec which one to use) .
  • Touch file does not need to be specified anywhere in an upgrade - this is just for reference and confirming on TFTP file listing. If an endpoint utilizes the Touch 12, always ensure the phone load for the codec does not include the .sbn, .SPA or .loads extension as it will default correctly on its own to appending the .loads extension.
  • TX systems are designed to use the Touch 12 only (CT500-32 was the exception).
  • This table above does not include phone firmware versions. See table below. Again, release notes and the compatibility matrix should be your main reference and this is for cross reference.

Tested/Recommended Minimum

Phone Loads

1.6.2 - 1.6.8
1.7.0 - 1.7.2
1.7.4 - 1.7.6
1.8.0 - 1.8.5
1.9.0 - 1.9.3
SIP70 / SIP75.8-5-3SR1YYNNN

SIP70 / SIP75.9-1-1SR1S

** 9-2-1 recommended to take advantage of memory fixes **

SIP70 / SIP75.9-2-1SYYYYY

Important: Do not upgrade phone firmware when codec firmware is upgrading or codec reboots are happening. Refer to release notes for more info.

Additional Official References

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