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Greeshma Bernad
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Although Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) users can login at Cisco Unified Presence (CUP) successfully, the CUPC user status  remain offline for some of the users and  they are unable to change it to the avaliable state. All functions of the CUPC client are working; however the Instant messenger does not work. The users are unable to do the instant messaging back and forth even  though they can add each other as contacts by searching the corporate  Active Direct in the CUPC client.

The Show Server Health displays all green check marks and does not report problem with presence. The CUP Diagnostics/Presence Viewer shows the CUPC user is Available, although this status is not showed in CUPC. If we change the CUPC status to Away, the Diagnostics/presence viewer showed the user as Away, but  the CUPC does not update this status.


Perform these steps:

  • Go to CUCM> User Management > End User and confirm that userID is  configured exactly the same way on CUCM as in Active Directory. Note that the userIDs are case-sensitive.
  • If anyone has added themselves in their own contact list in CUPC, remove the same from their own contact list.
  • Go to Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center - Network Services. Select the Cisco Unified Presence server from the Server menu and restart the Cisco UP Intercluster Sync Agent service.
  • For CUP 7.0.4 and prior  versions, do not enter userid's with the character "&. When the userid contains  "&" ,  presence status is displayed as OFFLINE. Also, refer Cisco Bug ID CSCsy45481.

Also ensure the ACL under security for both incoming and outgoing are defined as ALL...

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