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This document describes the troubleshooting issue that can occur during Installation and Connectivity between CUxAC environment and external resources such as the Unified Communications Manager.



Unable to connect to CUCM


CUCM connectivity is essential to allow system devices to be configured automatically on the Cisco Unified COmmunications Manager.



To manage connectivity details



Step 1 :- Go to Engineering > CUCM Connectivity.



Step 2:- Enter CUCM name. This is the IP Address of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher.



Step 3:- Enter CUCM Port number.This should be left as 443 by default.



Step 4:- Enter User name and Password of the Application User Profile that is used to connect to Cisco Unified Communication Manager.



Step 5:- To save click Save.



Step 6:- To test click Test Connection.



In the CUxAC WebAdmin navigate to Engineering->CUCM Connection and click the Test Connection button.


• Ensure the Application User username and password are correct by logging into the CUCM with the same credentials.


• Ensure that the user is added to the Standard CUCM Super Users Group.


• Ensure users have the following roles assigned:


– Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring


– Standard CTI Allow Calling Number Modification


– Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices


– Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material


– Standard CTI Enabled


– Standard AXL API Access


– Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode*


– Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf*


Note * are only relevant if using phone models 69xx, 7931, 7965, 89xx and 99xx on CUCM 7.1.2 or greater.


• Ensure that the AXL Service is activated on the CUCM you are trying to connect to.


Callers hearing fast busy tone when calling the main reception line


Ensure that the CTI Route Point associated with this queue is registered in CUCM. If it is registered, the problem is likely between the gateway and the Route Point. Ensure the gateway has the correct Calling Search Space to reach the partitions which is configured against the CTI Route and that the

Translation Pattern is correct



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