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How do I get the most out of my Cisco TAC Engineer?

Getting the right person on the phone.

  • If you have just started using Cisco products or you have worked with Cisco products for a decade or more, one thing is for certain.  You have or will have to deal with Cisco TAC.  If you have ever opened a Cisco TAC case, then you know the drill.  Cross my fingers, say a prayer, and hope that I get the right person for my issue.
  • Ever wonder why it is hard to get the right person?

  • The simple answer is this:

  • In nearly every instance you don't get the right person to start with because YOU didn't provide enough information to get you to the right person.
  • Cisco is a massive 10,000 pound gorialla, with products that practically do everything from take pictures like a SMARTPhone to punt phone calls all over the world;  and if you want to get the right person on the phone to resolve your issue, then YOU need to make sure you provide AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE when you open your case.  Simple as that.
    • Take a moment and think about it, if you went to your doctor and said "I have a pain in my hand".  What does the Doctor do?  He or she will ask you a quesiton like, what kind of pain, how bad is it, when did it start, was the after you hurt yourself.
    • Now, call TAC and say "My Router is Broke" and let the games begin?  NO, call TAC or open your case online and give them everything.

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