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Gerson Fabian Morales Marin
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What is E164?

E.164 defines a general format for international telephone numbers.
The international public telecommunication numbering plan, that defines a numbering plan for the world-wide public switched telephone network (PSTN) and some otherdata networks.
Example: +1 212 509 9268

Understading the flow on Call Manager

When Call Manager receives the call from the PSTN,this call is normally Tag with the call type which can be Subscribe(local),National
or International and this Tag will be used by Call Manager to properly apply the E164 format base on the Type of number.
It is important to remember when the CUCM receives the call, the Gateway becomes the "Originator" End-Point and the IP-Phone
becomes the "Destination" End-Point
Note=The IP-Phone will invoke the Calling party transformation pattern.



In this example we will be making a call from a Cell-Phone located in New York to a Call Manager also located in New York.

Calling Number=  509 5353
Called number= 212 509 9268

How do we want this to work?

1- While phone is ringing we want the phone to show up only the last "7" digits 5095353 (Localization)
2- When the call has ended and we look at the Directory we want it to show the E164 format +12125095353(Globalization)

Configuration on Call Manager

1- We need to confirm the Device Pool associated to the ingress Gateway.


2- Before making any change create a "Calling Search Space" and "Partition" that will be use on the "Calling Party Xformation configuration"

Calling Search Space and Partition.

Creating a Calling Party Transformation Pattern

Call Routing > Transformations>Transformation Pattern>Calling Party Transformation Pattern.

3- Now that we have the Xformation pattern configured; we can apply the change on the Device Pool of the Gateway or directly on the Gateway.

Calling type Configuration

National Number= It will be the format number that will be shown if the call is made for example from another estate.
International Number= This parameter will add the "+" sign in fronT of the calling number sent by the PSTN.
Unknown Number= This is related to numbers that are not set by the PSTN (Private).
Subscriber Number= This parameter refers to the "Local" numbers on the same are code.

Note= Apply the calling "Xformation CSS" on the Device Pool.

4- Now we can apply the configuration on the Destination device that can either be applied on the "Device Pool" configuration or at the "Phone" itself.

Phone Configuration

Device Pool Option

Phone Option

Phone option on CUCM version 9.X or above.

Note= If you want to use the Phone option make sure to un-check the box to use the Device Pool Calling Part Xformation CSS.

Call Flow Summary:

1- Cell Phone (509 5353) on the PSTN calls (212 509 9268).
2- Gateway receives the call and uses its Device Pool configuration to match the "Call Type" and "Calling Xformation CSS"
3- Phone receives the call and matches the "Calling Party Xformation CSS" configured either on the Device Pool or on the IP-Phone.


While Ringing (Number localized)
From 5095353
Missed/Recived Calls Directory (Number Globalized)

Calling out using "+ Dialing"

This Configuration example will help you to apply the Globalization and Normalization configuration on your Call Manager for all incoming calls; in the other hand if you want the users to be able to dial-out from the Directory numbers showing up E164 format please refer to the next DOC  "+ Dialing" on the link below.


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