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The IEEE 802.3af-2003 Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard defines terminology  to describe a port that acts as a power source (PSE) to a powered device (PD). This standard defines how a powered device is detected as well as two methods of delivering PoE to the discovered powered device.

IEEE 802.3af power can be delivered through a PoE capable Ethernet port (referred to as an end-point PSE). In the event that an existing non-PoE capable Ethernet switch is used, a mid-span PSE can be used.


Cisco IP phones 7970G, 7960G, 7940G, 7910G, 7910G + SW, 7912G, 7905G and  7902G can accept Cisco pre-standard PoE from a  card integrated with a Cisco Catalyst switch or a Catalyst in-line power patch panel.  These phones can draw local power from a power cube (CP-PWR-CUBE-2=) in addition to a country or  regionally specific power cord (CP-PWR-CORD-xx=).

Only Cisco IP phones 7971G-GE and 7970G support IEEE 802.3af PoE.  The Cisco IP phone 7970G supports both the Cisco pre-standard PoE and IEEE 802.3af PoE.

For more information, refer to Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones.

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