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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Resetting The CIM\ EIM System “sa” Password Procedure

Key: ‘ ‘ = Two single quotes.

Thefollowing contain the query for blanking out the SA password for Partition 0thru the backend.

1. Go to SQL Server Management Studio and change the database to masterdatabase. USE “eGMasterDB”

2. a. To verify user_name, and select user_id“save the results for backup.
    b. “SELECT user_id, user_name,password, case_insensitive_password FROM egpl_user WHERE user_id = 1”.

Note: Be sure to save query and results, so that it can be provided for troubleshooting, if there is a problem.

3.a. For Blanking out the SA password. UPDATE egpl_user WITH (ROWLOCK) SETpassword = ‘ ‘, case_insensitive_password = ‘ ‘ WHERE user_id = 1

4.Verify the PW columns are now clear, by re-running the select cmd. “SELECTuser_id, user_name, password, case_insensitive_password FROM egpl_user WHEREuser_id = 1”.

Then to successfully access and change CIM \ EIM “sa” UserAccount. (Partition 0)

4. Go to login.  //<EIM server ip address>/system/

5. Login with “sa” as the user name, no password.

6. Navigate to Administration > Partition: System >Users, and highlight sa user under “List: Users”.

7. Highlight the “Password” row, on the “General” tab, under“Properties: sa”.

8. Select the box to the right of row and it will ask if you want to change the password.

9. Select yes, enter new password.

10. Save.

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