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Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Use case

Installing multiple locale/language packs to Unity Connection, in an efficient manner, to a 2-node Active/Standby CUC cluster.  In my example, CUC is running 9.1(2) and PCD is running 10.5.


I'm assuming you've already set up and discovered your cluster in PCD.  For this upgrade process, you will need to create one PCD Upgrade Task per locale, per server.

  1. Upload all your locale COP files to the PCD SFTP server (see admin guide for info)
  2. In PCD, create a new Upgrade Task.
    1. Select the CUC cluster
    2. Select only the Publisher/Primary node
    3. Follow the rest of the wizard to create the task.
    4. Make sure you set the task to Manual start
    5. Repeat this process for each locale you plan to install
  3. Follow Step 2 for each locale to be installed to the second CUC server, swapping selection of Primary with Secondary server.
  4. When complete, you should have 1 task for each language, for each server.  Ex. 3 languages = 6 Tasks.


For the upgrade process, we need to meet some pre-requisites in order for the PCD upgrade to work. This is because PCD doesn't (yet) copmletely all the pre-install tasks, only the blind COP file install.

  1. On CUC, go to Unity Connection Serviceability, then Tools, Cluster Management.
  2. Next to the secondary CUC node, click Make Primary, and wait for the servers to fail over services to the secondary.
  3. When #2 is done, go to Tools > Service Management
    1. Stop the Conversation Manager service
    2. Stop the Mixer service
  4. You're now ready to install all the locale packs on the Publisher


On PCD, run each CUC publisher task to install.  You'll need to wait for each to finish before starting the next.  Once the last Publisher install is complete, you'll fail over CUC back to the Publisher.


  1. In CUC, go to Unity Connection Serviceability
  2. In Tools > Services, start the Conversation Manager and Mixer services
  3. In Tools > Cluster Management, make the Publisher the primary node again.  Wait for this screen to indicate complete.
  4. Go back to Tools > Services, and stop the Conversation Manager and Mixer services on the Secondary CUC node.


Repeat the task run steps for the Secondary node to install all the locale packs.  When complete, you'll go back to CUC Serviceability.


Start the Conversation Manager and Mixer services on the Secondary CUC node.  This completes the install process.  you should now see all locales available for use in CUC Administration.

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