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This document describes the reasons of Agent logout with the reason code.



Agent Logout Reason codes



Agent Logout Reason codes are defined in the agent desktop software and appear in historical reports as their numeric equivalent, with no text code. For example, if reason code 1 equals "end of shift" and the agent selects that reason for logging out, the report displays "1".In addition to the codes configured at the desktop, some codes are generated automatically whenthe agent is logged out by the software. The table below describes these predefined Logout Reason codes, which are available for both Unified ICM and Unified CC.


Predefined Logout Reason Code Description


Reason CodeDescription


The agent reinitialized due to peripheral restart.


The PG reset the agent, normally due to a PG failure.


An administrator modified the agent's extension while the agent was logged in.


A CTI OS component failed, causing the agent to be logged out. This could be due to closing the agent   desktop application,heartbeat time out, a CTI OS Server failure, or a CTI OS failure.



The agent was logged out because the ACD reported the agent's device as out of service.


The agent was logged out due to agent inactivity as configured in agent desk settings.


The agent was logged out when his/her skill group assignment dynamically changed.


The agent was logged out when his or her skill group assignment dynamically changed on the           administration & DataServer.




The mobile agent was logged out because the call failed.


  The mobile agent was logged out because the phone line disconnected when using nailed connection mode.

20001 -applicable if  

you are using the

Cisco Agent Desktop

  The agent's state was changed to NOT READY.

20002 - applicable if          

Cisco Agent Desktop             

Forces the logout request; for example, when Agent A attempts to login to Cisco Agent Desktop and Agent B is already logged in under that agent ID, Agent A is asked whether or not to force the login.If Agent A  answers yes, Agent B is logged out and Agent A is logged in. Reports would then show that Agent B logged  out at a certain time with a reason code of 20002 (Agent B was forcibly logged out).Note: Cisco Unified Mobile Agent is the only exception, where CAD will not allow you to log out a login name/ID that is  already in use.



20003 - applicable if          

you are using the

Cisco Agent Desktop

Not Ready for logout.







Reports that show Agent Logout Reason Codes


These are some reports that contain information on Agent Logout reason codes:


• Unified IC Agent Real Time All Fields


• Unified IC Agent Not Ready Detail


• WebView agent03 (Agent Media Logout Status Report)


• WebView agteam03 (Agent Team Media Logout Status Report)


• WebView agtper03 (Agent Peripheral Media Logout Status Report)




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