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Created by: Janine Graves on 18-05-2006 01:42:43 AM
If I use the record element and specify to ftp the recording somewhere, will the recording also remain on the Call Services box?

And is there any way to encrypt the ftp password specified in this element?

And is there any way to specify to use 'secure ftp' rather than regular ftp?

Subject: RE: record element
Replied by: Michael Bochynski on 18-05-2006 10:19:51 PM

Once ftp transfer is complete, the local copy of the recording will be deleted.

If you use the regular FTP protocol, regardless whether using Call Services or any other application, even Windows Explorer, password is sent without any encryption. This is simply a protocol requirement, since server expects the plain text password. This is similar to "http://" and "https://". Regardless which web browser you will use, http doesn't include SSL encoding, while https does.

However, you can extend the existing Record element and implement secure FTP and password encryption. Please refer to our Sample Java code section for examples of this scenario.

Level 5
Level 5

I notice that the link to the Java code goes to a site that is no longer working.  You also have many other links to code/examples on that same site that isn't working.  Is it possible to point us to a working site with the sample code?

Gerry O'Rourke

When I require record element to upload prompts to 4 x CVP Media servers (e.g. 4 x CVP servers),

I do the following to prevent a ftp password been sent in the clear, :

Enable anoymous ftp on the ftp server (which is also the 4 x CVP servers)

Use firewall & ftp config to only allow ftp from the 4 x VXML servers.

Use record element and then the ftp element to upload to the prompt to the 4 servers.

This removes any password been sent and also locks down the ftp servers.

If you want to upload a file to a remote server secure ftp would be a nice, but not possibly today out of the box,


Level 5
Level 5

Cisco in the above comment provides the following link:

There are several examples of these sorts of links in Dev Net.  These links are broken because apparently the audiumcentral site is down.  Cisco please provide the examples at another working site.

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