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Core Issue

You can log in into the main SA web page, but when you click on the subcriber option, it prompts for username and password again. It does not accept the password you entered before.


This issue occurs when the account you use to log into CiscoUnity does not have required rights and permissions.

GrantUnityAccess is a command line tool that is used to allow an account to gain administrative access to the Unity SA console.

This program adds a user's NT or Domino Credentials to Cisco Unity's internal collection of recognized credentials and associates them with a local Cisco Unity subscriber for authentication with admin tools. The resulting permissions are based on the Cisco Unity subscriber's class of service.

If you are migrating users from NT4 using the Active Directory Migration Tool or any other user migration tool that supports SidHistory, use of this program is not necessary. Cisco Unity recognizes the SidHistory user attribute.

These are examples of how to use or apply this command on the dos prompt or command line:

  • GrantUnityAccess {-u [\] | -n [/Cert Authority]} -s [-d]
  • GrantUnityAccess -l

These are the parameters that can be used in conjunction with this command:

  • -u  NT Username
  • -n  Lotus Notes Full Name (for Domino integrations)
  • -s  Subscriber Alias
  • -l  List associations that have been made by this tool
  • -d  Delete association that was created by this tool

To associate the NT4 user NT4DOMAIN\Administrator with the Cisco Unity subscriber EAdmin, type GrantUnityAccess -u NT4DOMAIN\Administrator -s EAdmin.

To undo the association, type GrantUnityAccess -u NT4DOMAIN\Administrator -s EAdmin -d.

To associate the Lotus Notes user Jane Smith with the Cisco Unity subscriber EAdmin, type GrantUnityAccess -n "Jane Smith" -s EAdmin.

This program must be run on the Cisco Unity box, whose domain must trust the NT user's domain.

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