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This document discusses how to handle and Troubleshoot common Cisco Emergency Responder (CER) Issues and provides an approach to solving them. Also this document covers the fundamental approach and process for Troubleshooting any network related issues.



About Cisco Emergency Responder


Cisco Emergency Responder (Emergency Responder) is an emergency communication system that helps you respond to a crisis quickly and efficiently. When someone in your telephone network places an emergency call, Emergency Responder automatically notifies you and routes the call to the local public safety answering point (PSAP) operator. Using the extension that Emergency Responder provides, you can look up the location of the caller through the Emergency Responder User web interface. After you know the location of the caller, you can go to the site of the emergency, send help, or otherwise complete your company emergency response policy requirements.




Troubleshooting Methodology for any Network related Issues


cme troubleshoot-1.bmp


  • If the Problem is not solved, then undo the changes implemented and return to step 3.
  • If the Problem is solved then identify the root cause, document the solution and implement the changes in your network



Troubleshooting CER issues requires you to ask probing questions to help narrow down the many possible issues to a focused troubleshooting process.



Step 1: Issues related to the network


Step 2: Issues related to the IP Phone


Step 3: Issues related to the CER configuration.



Common Issues on CER


Listed are few examples of issues that can arise with Cisco Emergency Responder (CER),

Issue 1. Emergency Calls and Call back



Issue Description
Probable Cause
Possbile Solutions

Emergency Calls and Call back

911 calls not Routed to the Correct PSAP

Route pattern not configured.

Check whether the route patterns used for the ERL from which the call was made and for the default ERL are configured on CER and use the correct partitions and CSS.


Callback errors. PSAP operator not able to call back to the correct caller.

More calls are being made than the number of ELIN's defined for an ERL.

CER reuses the ELIN numbers and thus overwrites the original caller extension. You can view the call history to determine the extension of the original caller.



PSAP callback not happening.

Calling party modification flag not set to enable.

Enable the flag and restart the Cisco ER service on the CER publisher.


CTI route points are not registered.

Check that the CUCM version is the same on both publisher and subscriber.



Issue 2. Phone Discovery


Issue Description
Probable Cause
Possible Solutions


Phone Discovery

Some phones are not coming under the switch port page.    

Phone may not be connected to the switch.

Check whether the phone is discovered in IP subnet or in the unlocated phone page.



Issue 3. CER Phone Tracking


Issue Description
Probable Cause
Possible Solutions


CER Phone Tracking

Phone discovery not happening in CER.

Snmp community string is not configured.

Cisco ER reads SNMP information; it does not write changes to the switch configuration, so we have to configure the SNMP read community string.



Cisco Phone tracking engine was not started.    

Emergency Responder sends this email alert to the administrator if the CER server loses communication with the Phone Tracking Engine. Check the CER serviceability page to ensure that the PT service is up; else, the administrator should restart the Phone Tracking Engine service.


Phones not registered in CUCM.

If the phone is not registered in the associated CUCM, phones will not be discovered in CER.


DNS Server is down.    

If the DNS server is down there will be a network connectivity issues and CER and CUCM couldn't communicate.


Phone/switch not supported.

If phone or switch is not supported by the corresponding CER version, it will not be tracked by CER.



Phone is in deep sleep/energy-wise phones

If the phone is in Power Save Plus Mode i.e. in deep sleep it becomes unregistered from Cisco Unified CM and powers down after negotiating with the EnergyWise switch. Administrators configure the sleep and wakeup times, which are communicated to the switch by the phone. CER prior to 8.6 doesn't support energy wise concept

Also the phone models not supported by CER for energy wise will fail during discovery.




    * Users cannot wake up 7900 series phones that are in Power Save Plus mode because the sleep and wake up times are configured on the Cisco Unified CM. The phone location information is not deleted from Emergency Responder, but users cannot make a 911 call until the phone reaches the configured wake up time.

    * Users can wake up 6900/8900/9900 series phones in Power Save Plus mode. But the phone takes a few minutes to wake up and register with Cisco Unified CM and this delay is considered during emergencies


The phone is attached to a switch that is not defined in CER

The switch has to be added in CER to which the phone is connected on Cisco ER admin page.



Issue 4. Unlocated Phones


Issue Description
Probable Cause
Possible Solutions

Unlocated Phones

Unlocated phones not showing up.Note: For troubleshooting, BU will need the CER Server, CER admin and Phone tracking logs.

There may not be valid server license. If license is expired, phone tracking will not work.

Upload valid Server license.


The phone is connected to an unsupported switch.

If the switch is not supported, phones will not be discovered under unlocated phones page.


The switch to which the phone is connected is currently unreachable.     

Switch should be reachable. Try to ping the switch from CER box.


Probable clustering configuration issue

If the phone is in a cluster, then the username and password for all the server groups should be same as that of the master DB.



Issue 5. CER Logging


Issue Description
Probable Cause
Possible Solutions

CER Logging

Admin, Server, Phone tracking logs etc. are not getting collected.    

Services are not running.

Please make sure all the services are enabled/checked on the following page: System -> Server Settings.






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