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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



In this video, I'll show you how to configure the user's photos in a MS IIS Web Server for Jabber, when using UDS, this method will also work over MRA

You can find how to install IIS on your server here:

Installing IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012

How to install and configure IIS on Windows Server 2012 R2

Some other references on how to create a new website on IIS can be found here:

Build a Static Website on IIS

In my lab they're hosted on a W2012 Standard x64 server, as I mentioned, there are several other options, and you can find references on how to install and configure for pretty much any version on google.

The related documentation can be found here:

Contact Photo Formats and Dimensions

Configure Photos

Something interesting is that the last link actually has some info that is not correct, they mention the following parameters:

UDSPhotoUriSubstitutionEnabled True /UDSPhotoUriSubstitutionEnabled

UDSPhotoUriSubstitutionToken sAMAccountName

UDSPhotoUriWithToken /UDSPhotoUriWithToken

But the only one that is used is:

And the URL format is also wrong, it should be something like:
UdsPhotoUriWithToken /UdsPhotoUriWithToken

As for MRA, remember that I assume MRA is already working, and you only need to add the web server where the images are hosted to the white/allow list in your EXP-C.

As I show in the video, you can have the configuration for both directories EDI/BDI and UDS in the same configuration file, and they will be used when necessary. You could leave it to EDI when internally, and only use UDS when externally, in regards to the photos.


Any questions, comment, etc. you can reach me at

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