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Abbreviation of Short Terms Use in Cisco Telephony


Dear All,

Please find the word and full form of those words :

  • AAR                                       Alternate Automate Routing
  • BAT                                        Bulk Administration Tool
  • CAC                                        Call Admission Control
  • CAMA                                   Centralize Automatic Message Accounting
  • CDR                                       Call details records
  • Cisco CRS                              Cisco Custom response Solution
  • CMR                                      Call Management Records
  • COS                                        Class of Services
  • CTI Route                              Computer Telephony Integration Route
  • CUEAC                                   Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console
  • DID                                        Direct inward dial
  • DSP                                        Digital Signal Processing
  • DSP                                        Digital Signal Processor
  • DTMF Relay                          Dual Tone Multi- frequency
  • E & M                                     Ear and Mouth Interface
  • FRTS                                        Frame relay Traffic Shaping
  • FXO                                          Foreign Exchange Office
  • FXS                                           Foreign Exchange Section
  • JTAPI                                        Java Telephony Application Programming Interface
  • MCS                                          Media convergence Service
  • MCU                                          Multipoint Control Unit
  • MGCP                                        Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • MOH                                         Music on Hold
  • MOS                                           Mean Opinion Score
  • MTP                                            Media Termination Point
  • MVA                                           Mobile Voice Access
  • NM-HDV                             High Density voice Network Module
  • PEQM                                   Perceptual Evolution Quality Measurement
  • PLAR                                      Private Line Automatic Ring-down
  • PLC                                        Packet loss concealment
  • PSAP                                     Public Safety Answering Point
  • PSQM                                   Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement
  • PVDM                                   Packet voice data module
  • RAS                                        Registration Admission Status
  • RTCP                                      Real time Transport Control Protocol
  • RTP                                        Real Time Protocol
  • RTP                                        Real time Transport Protocol
  • SIP                                         Session Initiation Protocol

  • SCCP                                      Skinny Call control Protocol
  • SRST Enabled Router         Cisco Survival Remote Site Telephony
  • TAPS                                      Tools for auto-registered phone support.
  • VAD                                       Voice Activity Detection
  • VIC                                         Voice Interface Card
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