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Cisco Video Endpoints - leverage macros to get more!



Hi all,


new Room Video devices offer great features for customization via API, Macros and In-Room - customize.PNG

room - customize.PNG

Although API and In-room controls are poweful and very interesting, I would like, on this post, to focus on macros. 

** NOTE **  All above options (API, Macros and In-room controls) are supported on on-premises registered Video endpoints. For cloud-registered endpoints, API for Creston and in-room controls are there (see latest release BUT macro controls are not yet available -planned- stay tuned...  



Why macros? 

1. They run locally on Room device - no need  for extra box or pc.

2. They run on SX, MX, DX and new Room devices (CE9.2.1 or newer). Touch10 required. 

3. They are free and you can find free samples. No need experts for this.

Some examples:

a) do u usually dial a specific video bridge? add a speeddial on the home screen to make it easier for users.

b) do you want to combine view from two local cameras (composite) and allow user to select which to send to the other side ? 

c) do you want to change room setup (video and audio settings) with easy preconfigured options? 


Ok, where I can find more? 



Here you can find a list of macro samples for Video endpoints:

macros list.PNG


Room Device customization guide:


Main page on APIs, Macros and In-room controls on :


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.


May I get participants list in Macro?


With IX enabled, I can see participants list on Touch10. May I get  this list in Macro?I want to control each participants ,such as mute audio,mute video,set to important people.




Cisco Employee



I am sorry for late reply. Unfortunately I don't have this level of knowledge.

I would suggest to post question on devnet related forums and if no answer, ping your Cisco Collab team of your area in case they can help




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