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Cisco Webex Education Connector - LMS integration


Hi all,


we recently announced Cisco Webex Education Connector:

Cisco Webex Education Connector is a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration that natively integrates Webex Meetings and Teams into the Learning Management System (LMS) environment to bring the best classroom and project collaboration experience to where teachers plan and students learn. Please note that Webex Education Connector comes for free for Webex customers.


Why is this important? 

As explained in below post: 

LMS integration for Webex Meetings, Webex Trainings, Webex Teams

LMS integration is key to offer succesful collab services to your users (teachers, professors,students)


Where can I find more details on Webex Education Connector:

Read our latest blog to see how the Cisco Webex Education Connector accelerates your learning environment.


Cisco Webex Education Connector Infographic

Learn how LMS integrations with Cisco Webex make learning what it should be—intuitive. 


Cisco Education Connector - Faculty Demo

Brief demo on the ways faculty use Cisco Webex meetings natively within Canvas to schedule class meetings, hold virtual office hours, create project groups, share content, record lectures, and more. Demo is about Canvas LMS but offerings are similar with other LMS (Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) 


Cisco Webex Education Connector Installation Page

Set up the Cisco Webex Education Connector LTI integration with your institution’s LMS.


Cisco Educator Connector - Setup

Brief video to demonstrate the IT setup process for enabling LMS integration with Cisco Webex in Moodle.


more details to be added, stay tuned ...


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

Cisco Employee

Can education connector  work with on-prem ?

Could you please tell me the details about Moodle site domain?

Cisco Employee



meaning CWMS (Cisco Webex Meetings Server)? 

No, as far as I know. This is for cloud Webex.

For CWMS, I guess CWMS APIs are there if you want to try to develop some kind of integration. Please check with CWMS team on this







Is it possible to install the Webex plugin for Moodle with a a premium account (24$/m)?


I've been trying to configure it from a free Webex account but it's been impossible



Cisco Employee

Hi Alkiviadis,


Sorry to confuse you. I'm talking about LMS.

Can education connector connect to on-prem LMS?

If yes, I want to know what "Moodle(or LMS) site domain" on the form.

Cisco Employee

Hi  Shinichi,


unfortunately don't have this level of info. Better check this with proper team- will send you a unicast message.




Cisco Employee

Hi BorjaH,


I don't think that Webex Education connector works with free webex accounts or even for subscriptions via website.  Most probably you need subscriptions ordered from partners from Cisco GPL. But since I am not the owner of this product, please crosscheck this with your local Collab specialist.





Hi guys,


See this link for configuration guides for the supported LMS's.





I failed at this (I think last) step. Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

Moodle version: 3.5.1


Moodle 3.7 - I get the same error as shown above.  @mkaysi - did you get a fix for this in the end?



@azoupas  I want to know if a solution to the problem of @mkaysi and @mkaysi. I have the same problem.

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