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Free Webex offer + Webex trials to assist customers // COVID-19 // virtual meetings


//updated : added ''Webex for e-schools'' presentation


Hi all,


due to global circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease),  customers worldwide are looking to remote working/virtual meetings solutions. 

Cisco offers various market-leading solutions that could help towards this direction (Jabber, Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, etc). In this post, we will focus on Webex Meetings solution.


What is Webex Meetings and why do I care?

Webex Meetings is a cloud-based conferencing solution offering virtual meetings with advanced capabilities (content sharing, calendar integration, recording, etc.)


How can I start now with Webex Meetings?

There are below options that do not require any upfront payment :

a) Free Webex offer - fits more for individuals or small companies

You can get free Webex here -->

Each user creates his/her own account that is self-administered. 

Till recently, free Webex offer had various limitations (40min conf, 50participants, no PSTN access, etc.) BUT due to current circumstances(COVID-19) and towards an effort to help our customers, Cisco has expanded the capabilities of the free Webex offer adding: 

  • Unlimited usage (no time restrictions)
  • Supports up to 100 participants
  • Offers PSTN toll dial-in number for audio connection if desired (in addition to existing VoIP capabilities) 

Relevant announcement where you can see the list of countries available :



Guidance to individual end users and their managers on adapting to remote work can be found at   


b) Webex trials - for small/medium/large orgs that need management/reporting

Webex trials fits more to companies that need management and other advanced capabilities (reporting/directory integration,etc.) 

You can ask your Cisco partner or Cisco Sales contact for a free Webex trial today. 

Webex trials support meetings of up to 200 participants (per meeting) (if need more, please talk to your Cisco Account Manager). 


Important : 

Resources for your IT teams to help you prepare, deploy and manage solution ->


Webex for e-schools

Will focus on this on another community post soon  but for the moment sharing the excellent slidedeck that my colleague, Davide has created that talks about Webex solution for virtual classoroms(e-schools). See presentation as attached pdf.


please rate if you find this useful 





DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

Martin L
VIP Advocate

Webex is free ! Cool!

Cisco Employee


hi Martin,


please note that:

- webex has a free option but the expanded capabilities were provided under covid19 situation so these will be lifted at certain point (I think end of may but not sure - you will need to monitor related public annnouncemenrts).

This means that after '''covid19 period' , the free accounts will go back to normal settings and features as before. 


Webex trials via partners are also possible but are monitored via Cisco for approval (partner needs to submit trial request,etc)





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