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How to - Configure BLFs with Speed Dials and Call Pickup on MPP and Broadworks?


Configure Broadworks Server

  1. Login to you Broadworks Server
  2. Navigate to Group --> Users and select the user who will be monitoring using BLF
  3. Navigate to Client Applications --> Busy Lamp Field
  4. Specify the List URI
  5. Select Users which you would like to monitor



Configure the MPP Phone

  1. Login to http://IP_ADDRESS_PHONE/admin/advanced
  2. Navigate to Voice --> Att Console
  3. Configure the BLF List URI (previously created on the server)
  4. Set “BLF List Feature Options” to “blf+sd+cp” (this is the default)

  5. Configure a Line Key to Monitor a Single User's Line
    1. Navigate to Voice à Phone
    2. Select a line key on which to configure a busy lamp field
    3. Select Disabled to disable the extension
    4. In the Extended Function field, enter a string in this format:
      1. fnc=blf;sub=xxxx@$PROXY;usr=yyyy@$PROXY
      2. fnc=blf;sub=xxxx@$PROXY;ext=yyyy@$PROXY
        1. Where:
          1. fnc=blf means function=busy lamp field
          2. sub=the URI to which the SUBSCRIBE message should be sent. For a BroadSoft server, this name must be identical to the name defined in the List URI: sip: parameter. xxxx is the name that is defined in List URI:sip: parameter. Replace xxxx with the exact defined name. $PROXY is the server. Replace $PROXY with the server address or name
          3. usr/ext=the user that the busy lamp field monitors. yyyy is user id of the phone that the busy lamp field monitors. Replace yyyy with the exact user id of the monitored phone. $PROXY is the server. Replace $PROXY with the server address or name
  6. (Optional) You can configure the busy lamp field to work with any combination of speed dial or call pickup. To enable the busy lamp field to work with speed dial or call pickup, enter a string in the following format in the Extended Function field:
    1. fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=xxxx@$PROXY;usr=yyyy@$PROXY
      1. Where:
        1. sd= speed dial
        2. cp= call pickup
    1. You can also configure the Key Expansion Module line keys as BLF+SD+CP
      1. Navigate to Voice à Att Console
      2. Select a key expansion module line key
      3. Enter a string in the appropriate format
        1. fnc=blf+sd;sub=xxx@proxy;ext=monitored userID@proxy
        2. fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=xxx@proxy;ext=monitored userID@proxy
    • fnc=blf+sd;sub=xxx@proxy;ext=monitored userID@proxy