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How to engage with Cisco TAC


 Dear all,


Cisco TAC is a valueable resource to help you on technical issues/topics (from config assistance till troubleshouting). 


Some useful docs/links:

Cisco Technical Services Resource Guide - at a glance (select TAC Capabilities/Engage with TAC) 

Cisco Support Case Manager 

Cisco TAC Phone numbers per country


Some hints: 

1) For urgent network down issues (sev1/sev2) , please open a case via phone - not via email or chat. 



2) Provide accurate and detailed info- have main data prerared in advance! 

The better info you provided to TAC, the better and quicker result you will get.

Try to have ready some data (product versions, diagrams, etc.) that would be easy to upload to the case whenever needed. Remember that if you have a sev1 issue, you will not have time to sit down and describe your environment. 


3) For escalations or raise priority

To raise priority, call Cisco TAC helpline (phone lines per country can be found above) and provide case number and reason for raising priority. If this is P1/P2 case and assigned TAC engineer is not on shift, you could either wait for him/her (depending on the time you have) or ask for a new TAC Engineer that would be ready to work with you. You might wait for a few minutes (depending on TAC's load) but shortly new TAC engineer would work with you on the issue. 

If you still have issues with TAC handling, you can call Cisco TAC helpline and ask to talk TAC Duty Manager to either engage more resources or even change the TAC engineer. 



3) Time difference

Sometimes you open a TAC case at certain time and based on opening time, TAC case is routed to appropriate TAC center (TAC has offices around the world) but then you see that time zone difference between you and TAC engineer does not help to find a convienent common time for troubleshouting. In these cases, you could call TAC Front line and ask to requeue case to an new TAC engineer on your time zone. 


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

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