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Using SQL Query to find which device is using MOH audio source




Problem Description


We have a CUCM 7.5 installed here and recently we have seen a couple of RTMT alerts related to Media list exhausted, based on a MOH audio source. However, RTMT doesnt show all the information. So, I am trying to run a report to show me all the phones settings for the User Hold, MOH Audio Source.


Does anyone know how to generate a report that will show, which device is using what Music On Hold (MOH) audio source?




Here's  the solution to find which device is using Music On Hold (MOH)  audio source using SQL Query  in Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Report that can show the MOH audio source used by each device. You can use sql queries to find out which devices are using a particular  MOH audio source :


Way to find out which devices (IP Phones, CTI ports, etc) use the 1-SampleAudioSource wav file





1. Run the below SQL statement from the CLI:


admin: run sql select name, networkholdmohaudiosourceid, userholdmohaudiosourceid from device where networkholdmohaudiosourceid = 1 or userholdmohaudiosourceid = 1


2. If ONLY want a report for all the devices:


admin: run sql select name, networkholdmohaudiosourceid, userholdmohaudiosourceid from device



Sample output:



run sql select name,fkmediaresourcelist,networkholdmohaudiosourceid,userholdmohaudiosourceid from device





SEP001DA2685A00              70d9ea77-5cc5-478c-915f-b282db0bad35      1                 1  

SEPACD016FCE3AA             9dcb9fc5-6d4e-4662-9dbc-32f8539a7481      NULL         NULL      


Bill wrote a nice article as well on this very subject a couple of weeks ago on his blog:


Hey Will,

Thanks for the shout out. Definitely appreciate it!



Hi William,

First thing - GREAT STUFF!!!

What would the query be to obtain the MOH source for DN's that are assigned to Directory numbers?

The reason I ask is that the query above does not show DN MOH settings where they are attached to Device Profiles...

Any help much appreciated!



Thanks. That is a fair question. I think I'll put it in the queue for my blog series. It would be a nice follow up to the article Will referenced. I may be able to get something released shortly. Stay tuned or check:

I may be able to get something posted by tomorrow.

-Bill (@ucguerrilla)


Thank William!

Works a treat! I was missing a few thing and then saw your original blog "" which pointed me in the correct direction.

Again, thanks for your help & keep up the good work!



The queries in the blog are structured for readability. You can copy/paste the query into notepad. Remove the carriage returns and stick a "run sql " on the front of the query. You should be in business.


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