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Default sort order in forum

Gordon Ross
Level 9
Level 9

If you go to and, from the list of forums shown in the main page content, select the Video over IP forum, you get taken there, but the discussions are sorted by number of views ascending. I can't see how to sort it by last replied date.

However, if you select the Video over IP forum from the drop down list of forums, then the discussions are showing in a sane order.


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It's somewhat tricky as there's no dedicated column for last replied date. Click Subject column title to sort by Subject. Click the same second time - it will turn off sort by Subject and revert to default sort order -  the order you are wishing for (unless I missed the matter).

Monica Lluis
Level 9
Level 9

Hello Gordon,

Thank you for reporting this. Are you still seeing this? We can see that in the Voice over Video community, the discussions show correctly as the most recent on top. 

Can you clear your cache and re-start your browser?

I hope you and your love ones are safe and healthy
Monica Lluis
Community Manager Lead
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