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NetAcad - Final Exam problem

Hello, I ran into a problem today. During another class at school, my instructor came to see me and said that I signed up for the Final exam and I don't know anything about it, it just says to him that I tried to sign up. I haven't even filled out th...

Figures not showing

Hello everyone, I am currently going through the networking basics course module 1. I have noticed, that the figures are not showing. I only see a + symbol where the image must have been shown before. Do you know if there is a bug in this system at t...

Amy3 by Level 1
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IT Essentials teaching and grading

I am teaching IT Essentials for the first time this fall and would love to talk to someone who has already taught it. I am concerned about1) pacing2) grading3) presenting the materialAny help you could give me would be greatly appreciated

bbinkley by Level 1
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Cisco ISE Agentless Posture

We are trying to implement Agentless Posture ( ISE 3.1 Patch 8 ) in our environment. However, there are some concerns that are raised by risk assesment team regarding some of the configurations. 1. Why the account configured for posturing (under Endp...

ahmedsaif by Level 1
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Resolved! No exam dates for ccie

dear all, I have been waiting for the past two months, taken a break at work and everything hoping that dates would get open in these months, a lot of investing has also been done from my side whatever it may be is pretty sizable to me, but I'm getti...

can't access page with laptop.

Hello, i need some assistance. For the past 2 days i have been unable to login to with my laptop, it just keep loading the rotating circle endlessly. Now doesn't even load anymore, weird thing is it opens ju...

Resolved! Correct answer marked as wrong

I have identified at least 2 quiz questions that identify correct answer as incorrect:12.3.3 Gateways to Other Networks QuizQuestion 5If the default gateway is configured incorrectly on a host, what is the impact on communications? 1. The host is una...

Cannot get to skills for all dashboard

Hi everybody, yesterday 31.08 I have got an issue, after logging in through my Cisco account a gray page loading screen appears and the loading ring spins endlessly. I tried to log in through other browsers, tried with vpn, tried to open through priv...

Blixtet by Level 1
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Community pages keep Loading

Its been 2 days i have been observing that pages keep loading even though page loaded, Looks like its still try to get some content on the background - i tried different browsers same issue (is this me also every one at community ?) see the circle ( ...



My CCNP Certificate license expired two yrs ago.In an effort to have it renewed, i sat for the 300-415 ENSDW1 exam and passed.Unfortunately i was issued with a new Cisco ID number is CSCO14X30xxx which is different form the earlier CSCO11X86yyyIs it ...

Errors posting in these forums

Anyone else getting the following errors after clicking 'post' on a response? An Unexpected Error has occurred. Your request failed. Please contact your system administrator and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: ...

Kirk J by Cisco Employee
  • 9 replies
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