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Cisco UCCX Emergency Script?

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I have done a search for this and the responses are either for very old Windows based CCX versions or point to a Cisco 'script repository' which just takes me to a 404 Not Found page.


We just want a way for a supervisor to dial a number which invokes an emergency script quickly, i.e. if there is a fire drill or similar.


It needs to be per CSQ though.


The script needs to (when invoked for that CSQ), just play a prompt.

Happy for someone to point me in the right direction for an example script etc.


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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

First up, you will need to know how to read a file from the Document Repository. 


Set status = DOC[status.txt]


Where status is a String variable and status.txt has a status word in it like open, closed, weather, fire, etc. 


Then if you do a Switch step on this variable, you can make decisions based on it's value. 


Second, you need to know how to upload Documents in to the Repository via a script. I assume you know how to do it via the web interface, which is how you'll validate that first step. 


Ok so to upload a document, you need a couple of things. 



User username USER[youruccxadmin]

String password "yourpassword"

String filename "status.txt"


Script Steps

Authenticate User

Upload Document


In the Authenticate User step, use the User and the String for password. It can be any account with access. 


In the Upload Document step, use the filename String variable to name your file, the language can be simply L[] for default language folder, and the Document itself will be a Document Literal like this: TEXT[open] or TEXT[closed]


If you can get those two things working, you should be pretty far along in getting this working .


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