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CUIC report permalink URL parameter variables

Hi all,

I'm running UCCX 12.5.1 with premium licenses. I'm trying to add a permalink CUIC report into Finesse, and as part of this, I want to be able to add a URL variable to the end, for example &@param5=12345. I have tried several iterations of this, including using the field name from CUIC (originator_dn) but not no avail.

Is this possible to even do? I have seen some posts suggesting that this isn't possible, and then others saying it is. Or, if anyone else has any other suggestions on how to show a customers journey, i.e. date and time they called, agent they spoke to and length of call, I'd be very interested! What I would be injecting into the URL to filter on would be that incoming calling number (originator_dn).

I have come across which is exactly what I am trying to achieve, however nobody replied in this post.



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