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Custome Events via CTI

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I'm currently integrating a call recording platform (NICE) with ICM 4.6.2 and an Aspect Call Centre platform. I need to end a screen recording at the point at which the Agent state changes from 'Wrap' to 'Ready' or from 'Wrap' to 'Not Ready'. Ideally I'd like a single 'End Wrap' event that NICE could listen for and end the screen recording at that point. ICM does not generate an 'End Wrap' event. Is it possible to make a programmatic change at the CTI server to generate an 'End Wrap' event? If it is not possible on V4.6.1 is it possible on later versions? The customer is currently planning a V7.0 upgrade.

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What is end_wrap event? It is basically a change of agent state. you get a begin wrap event after the call disconnect. After the wrapup time is expired, you get agent state change event to ready (only if you have timer set - unlimited time will not work). So, you need to monitor both the events. First, flag the beginning of the wrap, start your screen recording macro, then when you get the agent state change to ready, unflag it and end your screen recording. Thatz it.

Thanks Sanjeev. We need to accomodate a number of factors. First the screen recording begins with the 'Start Call' event such that the screen is being recorded throughout the whole call. NICE is designed to then either end the screen recording at the 'End Call' event, as flagged by ICM, or to stop recording after a pre-determined time period. However in the contact centre environment the period of time elapsed between the 'End Call' event and the Agent state change from 'Wrap' to 'Ready' is variable as the agent may choose to go to 'Ready' state before NICE timer times out or after the NICE timer times out. We therefore need to create a hard connection between the agent state change from 'Wrap' to 'Ready'. This might be handled by a code change within the nice product to enable it to listen for the agent state change or it could be achieved by presenting a coded 'End Wrap' event to the NICE application from ICM. It's the latter possibility I want to consider through this thread.

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Hi @ppryer Did you get any resolution on this. Were you able to pass custom CTI events to NICE from ICM??? I have the same requirement.


If you are open to 3rd party solutions then please write to with your above requirement