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Get digits then compare - authorising external users


I need to set up a site simple script where a authorised person dials into a script,  they are asks to enter a set of digits,  this is compare to a if statement or better to a DB lookup and the  acted on-same as a credit card pin look up

Question,  we have ucce with cvp but we have not cvp for scripts yet so need to use icm for now but will move to cvp scripts 

My thinking is as follows 

 use a GD app,  get digits - after entering the digits- where are the collected digits kept? 

2.  After the get digits do I use a set variable to copy them to a call variable 

3. Do a DB look up against a primary key of the digits and compare against the call variable where the digits are stored 

A user enters their user Id 'abc567' which when entered via a key pad is 123567, this number is in a DB where the primary key is set,. This confirms the user 

The other way is to use a simple if step

Use get digits 

Copy get digits into a call variable 

Use a if set to check call variable is 123567 if not do another if step against another call variable of another user 345888

So the script may use multiple if statements depending on how many authorised users we have 

What is best

A DB lookup or multiple if statements 



Is there an ID and a pin? or

Is there an ID and a pin? or just a pin?

If it's just a pin and you have a small amount of static users, doing everything in the script is a viable option. 

You can do a bunch of if's but better would be either a switch or an iterator. 

Switch is like having a few if's built in one. And iterator, you could have an if statement run thru a string of variables to find a match.

Switch is easier but for iterator, you can google "uccx holiday check iterator" 

Let me know if you need more help, and I can run you through it. 

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Thanks for replying.  

For my own knowledge I would like to do the DB lookup so I have knowledge.  The actual use is only 6 users who will access the system.

We also have a UCCE system not uccx 

After the user enter the digits,  where are they hold,  it is 'caller entered digits '

Would I use a set variable to out them in a call variable? 

caller entered digits =call variable4

Then compare call variable against a primary key in a db

Also I would to get the ucce to repeat the entered digits - what microapp do I use? 



Sorry, but I dont have much

Sorry, but I dont have much knowledge with database integration nor ucce.

If it's 6 users, it is very easy to build all of it with a simple switch step.But I completely get the wanting to learn part, and I would do the same if time/mgmt allowed.

To get the digits, you can use get digit string and attach results to a string, all in one step. You can then compare that string however you want. 


Also I would to get the ucce

Also I would to get the ucce to repeat the entered digits - what microapp do I use? 

I missed this. Do you want the system to repeat back the numbers to the user?

You can do a create generated prompt step 

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