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How to configure CUCM7 to play any MOH in the UCCX Script?


Hello All ,

Delay Step in the UCCX Sript is not playing music , I think My UCM7 is not configured to play any MOH but I have doubts some time back its used to play music when call is in delay step but not now.

Could you please some help me out, How to check its been configured or not in the UCM7 and if not,  How to configure the same please?

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Besides Delay is there HOLD step in the script?

Are the CTI ports configured with proper MOH source file?

Is the phone/GW configured with proepr MRGL, are you using unicast or multicast MOH?

Does MOH work between phones/GW/etc normally?


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply , Here is the my answers for your questions?

1) Yes , here is the sequence Call hold -> Delay 30 sec  -> Call Unhold

2)  For this question ,  Are the CTI ports configured with proper MOH source file? 

I dont know how to check this , But CTI ports are configured properly and call is successfully transferred to Agents or Phone.

3)I have only one CUCM7 in the lab

4)I don't have GW in the Lab, But I can hear calling tone when I call from one phone to another phone which is currently busy with other call.

Please advise.

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