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ICM not getting Not Ready Reason codes when logged in to hardphone

We are running ICM 8.5.4 SR3 which is integrated to an Avaya ACD using AES, ASAI link, and CMS.

The call center agents typically log in on CTI Desktop which controls the physical phone on their desk. In that scenario ICM correctly receives the Not Ready Reason codes when selected via the CTI dropdown.

When agents login to the physical phone instead, ICM only receives "0" instead of the Reason code selected. Is there a setting on the PG or Avaya ACD that needs to be flipped on/off in order to receive Agent Not Ready reason codes from both CTI and when directly logged in to the physical phone?

Any help is appreciated!

Sasikumar Divvela
Cisco Employee

Hello Sasikumar,

Thanks for responding.

I read that thread however that question seems to be specifically related to CTI OS integration. I don't have the issue when agents use the CTI softphone. I get the correct reason codes in ICM.

My issue is only when the agents login directly to the physical phone (not through CTI). I want to be able to get reason code updates when they are logged in to CTI and also when they directly login to the physical phone (hardphone).


When the agent is trying to login through CTIOS, your pg send Value Query request to get the correct agent state from ACD. During the confirmation please check what is coming as reason code. 

13:10:38:638 PG1B-pim1 Trace: [  3192]ASAI_SEND => 51: asai_errno=0 Bri:5 SaoID 50080 C_VQ_REQ (C_REQUEST) VQType C_AGT_STAT

13:10:39:214 PG1B-pim1 Trace: [ 3300]Bri/SAOid: 5/50080; VQ_CONF: C_AGT_STAT: [Reason [SMART-TIMER ]]: Extn 7000001 GrpExtn 4210 WorkMode=AUX_WORK TalkState=IDLE ReasonCode=5
13:10:39:214 PG1B-pim1 Trace: [ 3300]Bri/SAOid: 5/50080; VQ_CONF: C_AGT_STAT: [PermMon] Extn=7000001 NOT_READY reason_code=5

if the code is not coming in confirmation then your ACD is not sending the information i can say.



Thanks for the update Sasikumar

I have opened a ticket with Avaya to investigate further. As per your recommendation we checked the PIM log and found that the response from AES is returned as "0". 

Will update as I know more information.

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