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Invoking 3rd party Web Service API from Finesse

Komal Tagdiwala
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am new to Finesse development and have a requirement to invoke one or more 3rd party web service APIs (Example: Remedy) from within Finesse. I found the WebService Sample Gadget 10.5.1 example code an got it to work, however, I didn't see much documentation on doing this in a typical Web Service fashion. In other words, the only things I saw in the code were JavaScript based calls that loaded static data from the HelloWorld.xml file, unlike typical WebService invokations that require parsing of WSDLs, generating stubs, and invoking methods on the stubs and passing parameters to perform queries using 3rd party WebService. For example, if I want to create a brand new case in the Remedy system using its WebServices API, how would I do that from Finesse?

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Level 5
Level 5

To make a call, make sure you are logged in as an agent. Then, the Finesse developer documentation should offer you the information you need.

Thanks for the prompt response, but it does not really help.

The reason for posting the question on the forum was because I could not find that that information easily in the documentation with a tangible example.

As far has how to handle the content, JSON, SOAP, etc. from a web service, this is something that is unique to each web services. Once you have the response data from a web service, you could work with the web service provider to learn how to parse and manage their data.

Thanks for responding to all my questions, but all your responses so far are pretty generic and vague.