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Jawad Bokhari

make call with CAD via third party

Hi friends,

I am in a situation of implementing manual dialing from CAD in a UCCE environment from a 3rd party application. I have CISCO CAD 8.5 premimum and trying to explore different possibilities:

  • Click-to-call with hyperlink dialing enabled

Having hyperlink enabled, I can see a US formatted number (10 digits) is made clickable automatically and the system dials out as I press the number. For testing, I tried to place a shorter number (another IP-phone extension) and tried to simulate the call with my own number like

<a href="#*46712"> extension_number </a>. Nothing happens when I click on it.

I got this idea from the posts and

I couldn't find any document that explains what CAD does behind the scene. I actually want to write a small application that would call via CAD through an external application.

  • IPC Action

Sounds interesting at a first glance and being a programmer I'll be very much willing to explore implementing an IPC action for making call. On, in the section of IPC based integration I found this quite interesting:

"Agents also use a click-to-call capability in their Visual Basic application for outbound dialing. An outbound UDP socket session passes the phone number the agent selected to Cisco Agent Desktop, which makes the outbound call."

But there's no supporting document or further information how can this be achieved.

Can an external application call CAD for outbound dialing via UDP request? If yes, what parameters should the external app pass for this?

Thanks for your valuable information,

Jawad Bokhari

Jawad Bokhari

Hi again,

I figured out everything just by closely going through the documentation and some hit & tries.

For making outbound call from external source, we can use "IPC Make Call Action" described the Cisco desktop administrator guide

To make CAD receive a make-call event from external source like 3rd party CRM, we have to enable "Remote Access". It's also clearly documented as activating the "Allow activating Receive events" and specify the UDP port.

Every CAD agent machine then listens on specified UDP socket.

Finally, it worked perfectly for me

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